verification network

Today, privacy remains one of the most important tasks for every user. Unfortunately, Internet surfing leaves a huge number of traces for further identification of the user.

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No more borders

We provide VPN and proxy services that negate content restrictions and censorship to allow unlimited access to videos, music, social networks, and more from anywhere in the world.

We respect our customers, so we do not store or register traffic information, DNS queries, or any other data that can be used by hackers.


Use a VPN for anonymous browsing. Choose from over 200 VPN servers in 93 countries around the world. Switch as often as you want, without worrying about leaking private information

Protect Wi-Fi security on every device. Keep your privacy and protect yourself from public Wi-Fi hackers. The encrypted VPN tunnel does not allow hackers to read, enter, or change any data on your devices.

Unblock content and sites at the regional level using a VPN. Open websites and web services without censorship. Browse streaming services in other regions and get the content you need when you want it.

Keep your data in safe and secure storage, without losing anonymity, thanks to innovative Blockchain technologies.


The SVN token is the basis for user interaction with the system and acts as a Commission cost, which is charged from each participant in the chain who wants to maintain their anonymity, and then redistributed between the provider and the server holders.

Capitalization: 5 BTC

Starting price:
0.00000010 BTC
Number of tokens:
50 000 000 SVN
Tokens allocated to
the Staking Pool:
25 000 000 SVN

Total emission:
75 000 000 SVN